Latest Update- 5.21.20

As South Florida begins to re-open, it is clear that there are very mixed feelings from many different people concerning the best way to move forward. We all want this pandemic to be over, and to be able to return to our ‘normal’ lives. But that simply is not going to happen, at least not anytime soon. Instead, our ‘new normal’ is coming into focus, and we need to determine how we will individually handle it. While most people are following the advice of the scientific medical community, others prefer to throw caution to the wind.

Both the number of infections and deaths continue to rise beyond what most of us have or will ever experience. It is heartbreaking to hear of so many tragedies that have affected our families, friends and neighbors. But fortunately for many of us, the statistics in South Florida have been less than initially projected. And hopefully, our communities will continue to get healthier and safer in the coming months.

It is my opinion that while we need to get people out of their shelters at home, and to get business open, it is not an either-or choice. We can do both, if we do it intelligently. With that in mind, we cannot be forced to choose between our health or our bank account. Again, we can do both, and these are not exclusive choices. For high risk people, continuing to ‘lay low’ and ‘go slow’ may be the best option, while low risk individuals should be able to get out and interact sooner. Either way, social distancing and safe behavior overall, is the key to a successful recovery.

I have noted in prior updates, that The Kimmel Institute has taken many steps to ensure the safest environment possible when our patients return. We have reopened our office for the past few weeks, in compliance with the Florida Governor’s easing of restrictions on medical practices. And while we have many patients who have waited through the past few months to come in and get treatment, we are well positioned to resume providing the best vein care in the region. Our office continues to incorporate innovative improvements with our patients’ and staff well being as our primary goal.

Many patients have pointed out that since South Florida is still in a gradual renewal, having their veins treated now is ideal for their recovery. Vein treatment at The Kimmel Institute continues to be extremely safe. We welcome you to call to set up your appointment as you can be assured that we are here to help you. PLUS, we are about to finalize the announcement for our 2020 Summer Special, so look for our next email coming soon…..!!!

Be smart…stay safe!

New Pandemic Policies

Effective Immediately

In an effort to maximize safety for all of our patients and staff, and as a common courtesy to everyone, the following policies are being initiated. To be sure, our staff are taking similar precautions, including daily temperature checks, using personal protective gear, frequent hand washing, multiple office cleanings each day and practicing appropriate social distancing.

1.ALL patients and ANYONE who wishes to come into the office exam rooms

  • MUST complete and sign our ATTESTATION STATEMENT regarding your recent health exposure, and it will become a part of your medical chart.
  • MUST have their temperature taken upon initial presentation to the front desk.
  • MUST have facial (nose and mouth) protective covering.
  • Refusing any of the above will be cause to cancel your appointment.

2.Limit of 1 adult to accompany patient into exam room OR to wait in office waiting room.

3.NO CHILDREN ALLOWED to wait in waiting room or come into back office areas.

4.Patients with elevated temperature will be rescheduled after written clearance from their PCP.

5.Patients who arrive more than 10 minutes EARLY for their scheduled appointment will be asked to wait in their car and return at their scheduled time.

6.Patients who arrive more than 10 minutes LATE for their scheduled appointment will be asked to reschedule their appointment for another time.

7.As a surgical specialist office, we do not diagnose, treat or manage COVID19 infections, nor do we order testing. If you are concerned about your exposure or possible infection, call your PCP immediately


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Richard D. Kimmel, DO, FCCP, FACOS, RPhS

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