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The Kimmel Institute

Dr. Kimmel and his staff are committed to treating their patients’ vein problems and laser aesthetic needs in a professional, friendly and safe office setting.

At the Kimmel Institute, we use the best technology and procedures to insure the optimal results. We have multiple laser platforms to treat a variety of vein and aesthetic conditions. These lasers are used to treat many different types of vein problems, including varicose veins, venous insufficiency and cosmetic spider veins throughout the body. We also have very extensive experience with injection sclerotherapy for the face, chest and legs. Hand veins are easily treated in the office, too, with excellent results to improve ‘old looking hands’.

The Kimmel Institute is a designated training center for physicians (and their office staff) for vein treatments and vein center management. Kimmel Institute can help with all of your vein needs including stockings, supplements, free screening evaluations and diagnostic ultrasound studies.


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The Kimmel Institute

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