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4 Reasons to Schedule an Appointment with a Vein Doctor Today

October 25, 2016 • jake • Vein Doctor

For many people, varicose veins or spider veins are only a cosmetic concern. But, just because something is just a cosmetic problem, that doesn’t mean you can’t see a vein doctor for treatment. If your varicose veins bother you in any way, making an appointment with a vein specialist can help you determine the best course of action and help you learn more about the issue. There is more than one reason to see a vein specialist. Here are a few.

Why See a Vein Doctor  

You Want to Learn More About Your Varicose Veins

One of the first reasons to schedule an appointment at a vein clinic is to learn more about varicose veins, what causes them, and what your treatment options are. Vein doctors have ample experience and expertise in diagnosing and treating vein diseases. Your doctor can provide you with full information about your vein problem and let you know the usual course of action for treatment.

You’ve Tried Home Treatments But See No Improvement

Lifestyle changes are often one of the first things recommended for people with varicose veins or spider veins. If you’ve worn compression stockings, lost weight, started exercising more, and reduced the amount of time you spend sitting or standing, but your veins are getting worse, it’s time to discuss treatments, such as sclerotherapy or laser therapy, with your doctor.

Your Varicose Veins Are Getting in the Way of Life

It’s a hot Florida summer and all you want to do is wear shorts. But, you’re embarrassed by your veins enough that you stick to long pants. Or, your veins are causing you enough pain or discomfort that you find it difficult to do regular activities, such as take a walk or do your shopping. Even if your veins aren’t causing your physical pain, if they are getting in the way of your life, it’s time to see a vein specialist.

Your Veins are Causing Your Pain

Varicose and spider veins don’t often cause medical problems. But, when they do, the issues can be very serious. If you have pain, itching, bleeding, or develop an ulcer as a result of your varicose veins, seeing a doctor becomes even more important. The vein treatment that is best for you depends on the severity and size of your veins. Very small veins that don’t cause any symptoms can be treated with sclerotherapy or laser. An ambulatory microphlebectomy is often recommended for patients with painful and larger veins. Dr. Richard Kimmel has been a vascular surgeon in Florida since 1991 and provides the highest level of care when it comes to vein treatment. If you’re concerned about your varicose or spider veins, call 561-948-5560 to schedule an appointment at his vein clinic today.

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