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Boca Vein Center FAQ

Commonly Asked Vein Questions

  1. Does insurance pay for my vein treatments?
    1. Most insurance companies (and Medicare) do pay for the treatment of large symptomatic varicose veins if certain criteria are met. For example, if you have large bulging veins or severe venous incompetence, and you have tried conservative therapy, then you will likely have the procedure covered. Each insurance plan is different, and you may have a deductible or a co-payment, but we will work with your insurance company on your behalf.
    2. For cosmetic vein treatments for superficial spider veins, insurance generally does not cover these treatments.
    3. When you come to The Boca Vein Center in Boca Raton and we do a complete evaluation, we will be able to give you an accurate idea of what will likely be covered and what your financial responsibility will be.
  2. Do the cosmetic injections hurt?
    1. For the cosmetic treatments, we use very tiny needles and most patients can barely feel the insertion. Some patients can feel when the solution goes into the vein, and report a brief burning sensation. While it is not completely pain free, the discomfort is very minimal.
  3. After a vein is treated, will it be gone forever?
    1. Most patients have multiple areas of vein problems. As a result, it is nearly impossible to treat all of the areas even with multiple sessions. We try to achieve at least 90% success, but in some patients, other areas of spider veins may crop up. Usually once and area is treated it remains gone, but again, some patients may need a “touch up” treatment every few years.
    2. For the laser ablation treatments (EVLA), there is a >95% successful closure rate. This usually lasts forever, but rarely a patient may need additional treatment.
    3. For microphlebectomy patients, once the vein is removed, it is gone forever. Other veins may appear nearby, but the excised veins do not grow back.
  4. How long will it take to heal?
    1. Each patient is an individual and responds differently to treatment. For some, healing is complete within a few days, while for others, bruising may last for weeks. In rare instances, staining may occur with discoloration along the path of the vein, and this may last for months or longer.
  5. How does closing my vein affect my circulation?
    1. If you have “reflux” where the blood in the vein is going backwards in the wrong direction, then by closing the vein and re-routing the blood, your venous circulation should improve. These vein treatments do not directly affect the arterial circulation, but if leg swelling improves after the procedure, this will positively impact your overall leg health.
    2. Since all of our body systems are interrelated, it is important for your doctor to understand the vascular system in its entirety. For this reason, we feel that at The Boca Vein Center we are best equipped to manage your vascular care. Our Medical Director, Dr Richard Kimmel, is a Board Certified Vascular Surgeon with over 20 years of practice experience. He has performed thousands of vein procedures, as well as innumerable arterial surgeries on patients. His experience impacts everything that is done at The Boca Vein Center.
  6. What type of solution do you use to inject the spider veins?
    1. The majority of our spider vein treatments are done with tiny needles where we inject a solution called ASCLERA (polidocanol). This is an FDA approved drug that is only indicated for the treatment of varicose spider veins.
    2. “Saline solution” is often used in other offices due to the lower cost. However, it is our experience (and that of many other highly reputable vascular surgical vein specialists) that this is both less effective and more painful, and carries a higher risk of complications. For these reasons we do not use (hypertonic) saline.
    3. For some tiny spider veins we also use a surface laser technique. This is highly effective for the tiny veins, but can be more uncomfortable for some patients. At The Boca Vein Center we will advise you of the best treatment solution and modality for your individual vein concerns.
  7. What type of activity can I do after my treatment?
    1. For cosmetic procedures, you can go back to work the same day. We do advise that you avoid any strenuous activities for a few days up to a week, depending on how extensive your treatment was. Walking is encouraged, but high impact activity should be limited initially.
    2. For EVLA and microphlebectomy procedures, we also encourage walking, but you must limit your strenuous activity for 2 weeks to allow the treated vein areas to heal.
    3. Compression stockings are used following all procedures and are an integral part of the healing process. This is why we strongly encourage the purchase of a high quality hose that is measured to fit your legs.
    4. Depending on what procedures you have had, there is always a healing process in the short term. However if you are compliant with our treatment program, your long term results should be excellent and you will not need to limit your activities based on your prior vein problems.
  8. What do I need to do to get started?
    1. At The Boca Vein Center we have several options for initiating your treatment. We offer free screenings by our professional staff, consultation with Dr Kimmel and periodic open house screening events in our office. We are open Monday through Friday and will always try to accommodate a patient’s schedule whenever possible.
    2. Many patients will need an ultrasound exam (painless sound waves to look at your veins without any radiation exposure) to clearly see the venous anatomy. Based on these results, we will then recommend a treatment plan. If you are eligible for a procedure that is covered by your medical insurance, then you may need to have a course of “conservative management” prior to treatment. We will advise you of what this involves.
    3. The first thing to do is call the office at (561) 477-0210 to schedule your evaluation. Our highly experienced and trained staff will be happy to help determine what the best course is for you and make your appointment to get started. So call now to begin the steps to healthier legs!