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Treatment of Breast Veins

Breast Veins

Often, patients come to see us for veins in their legs, but are embarrassed to ask about prominent breast or chest veins. In fact, this is an area of concern for many women, of all breast sizes. While this is not an abnormal finding, nor does breast vein prominence suggest the presence of any underlying disease, it can be the cause of unnecessary self consciousness. As a result, many women choose to cover up because they are uncomfortable when they wear low cut dresses or when they are in bikinis at the pool or beach. This can often be seen in women as a result of nursing their babies, as well as an unexpected result of cosmetic breast enhancement surgery.

At the Kimmel Institute, we have experience in treating these prominent breast veins. The best option is to inject the veins using a Sclerotherapy technique that is similar to what we do for small leg veins. It is a nearly painless procedure using very small needles, and carries extremely low risk. Because this is considered cosmetic, it is not a service that is covered by insurance.

Tiny round red “berry sports” can often be found on the chest, abdomen, or arms. These are easily treated with the surface laser with excellent results.

If you are concerned about the appearance of your prominent breast or chest veins, come see us for an evaluation.

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