Burning, Throbbing, Cramping or Swelling Legs? You Might Have Varicose Veins

August 6, 2020 • karnold • Uncategorized
swelling legs varicose veins

What is That Pain in Your Legs? In some lines of work, or even with certain lifestyle conditions, you may find yourself standing a lot. Perhaps you’ve recently noticed a throbbing sensation in your legs that you just can’t ignore—and you’ve spotted blue, web-like veins on one or both of your legs. What does this mean? Likely, it means that you have varicose veins. What Are Varicose Veins? What exactly are varicose veins? Varicose veins are enlarged, swollen, and twisting veins, often appearing blue or dark purple and web-like on the calves or

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Are the Veins on Your Breasts Just Varicose Veins, or a Sign of Cancer?

July 6, 2020 • karnold • Uncategorized
varicose veins or breast cancer

Worried about the blue spider-web like veins that have appeared on your breasts over time? Do they concern you each time you catch a glimpse of them? Could they be signs of cancer? No, not necessarily. Varicose veins mainly appear when the valves in the veins are weakened. Increased pressure in the veins over a long term, trauma or age are the usual culprits for varicose veins. There are quite a few reasons for the appearance of breast veins, not limited to cancer. These can be things like pregnancy, weight gain, and Mondor’s disease, for exampl

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The Spread of Coronavirus – Stay healthy!

March 12, 2020 • • Uncategorized

For those who know me, I often like to use analogies to explain medical issues. So, for the spread of the Coronavirus that seems so overwhelming to many of us, indulge me with the following: Imagine a large can of white paint. Let’s call that the entire population of the USA. And let’s say that red paint is the virus. If you place 3 small drops of the red paint into the white paint can, most of the paint in the can stays white, initially.

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How to Treat Prominent Hand Veins

September 10, 2019 • the kimmel institute • Uncategorized

Visible hand veins are generally not a cause for concern, but there are simple ways to remove them or reduce their appearance. Although bulging veins emerge most often on the legs in the form of varicose veins, enlarged and visible veins may pop up anywhere on the body — including the hands. More of a cosmetic concern than a sign of a serious venous disorder, prominent veins on the hands can be erased with minimally-invasive treatment.  What Causes Prominent Hand Veins? Varicose veins on the legs develop due to weak valves in the veins that are no longer able to pump blood back toward the hea

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