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How to Find the Best Vein Doctor in Florida

March 27, 2016 • the kimmel institute • Vein Doctor

Vein disease is very common and nearly half of the population will suffer from a circulatory problem at some time in their life. Unfortunately, many people find out quite late that they have a vein problem. You need an expert Florida vein doctor, to catch the often subtle, early signs of vein problems.

Early Diagnosis Improves Vein Health

With a non-specialist physician, symptoms may be overlooked and patients may get treated later, after their vein disease has progressed for years. A top vein surgeon, however, can typically diagnose problems much earlier and help prevent serious, sometimes life-threatening, vein problems. Some vein disease is not preventable; for instance, hereditary vein disease. Still, early diagnosis and treatment can help keep circulatory problems from getting worse. It pays to find a vein specialist.

Qualities of a Top Vein Doctor

Here are the important qualities that set the best vascular surgeons apart from the rest:
  • Experience: Look for a vein specialist with at least 10 years’ experience. An experienced vein surgeon has diagnosed and treated every ailment related to circulation and vein disease, many times over. Choose an experienced vein specialist for a quick, accurate diagnosis and the most effective vein treatment available, to help keep vein disease from becoming more serious.
  • Board Certification: To become board certified, Florida vein doctors meet rigorous standards and maintain them throughout their career. Certification in Cardiovascular Surgery from the AOA (American Osteopathic Association through the American Osteopathic Board of Surgery) is one of the highest-level credentials in the field. In any vein clinic, however, make sure that your procedure is performed by the board-certified surgeon personally and not delegated to other medical staff. You should also verify your surgeon’s licensure with the state of Florida Board of Medicine.
  • Leadership: A surgeon who has mentored or taught other physicians is typically at the top tier of his or her profession. What’s more, practicing vein surgeons who also spend time teaching other medical professionals are familiar with the very latest vascular treatments. This ensures that you have access to the best treatment options for your condition. Check your surgeon’s online bio (and/or ask them) to see if they have this experience.
  • Technology: The best vascular surgeons will typically have the latest medical technology and equipment at their clinic (such as the Dornier Laser System) to perform laser ablation and other procedures for varicose veins or more serious vascular problems.
  • Medical Staff: Top surgeons generally attract the best support staff, such as ultrasound technicians, nurses and medical assistants, to work with them. When you select a top vein surgeon you get the best, most attentive, treatment from the moment you walk into the clinic.
When selecting a vein clinic, use this checklist for online research to find a top Florida vein surgeon. Read the doctor’s website bio and check for the qualifications listed here. Some of the best surgeons actually offer a free vein consultation, so you can ask questions in person as well, and be sure you’ve chosen the right vein specialist for you.

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