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Why It’s Important to Get Laser Hair Removal from a Professional in Boca Raton

Laser hair removal is a great way to get rid of unwanted hair. It’s an especially popular procedure in Boca Raton where people spend a lot of time wearing swimsuits on the beach! The process uses an intense beam of light to obliterate hair follicles, which stops or significantly minimizes hair growth. While it’s a relatively safe option, it’s important to find an qualified professional to perform the procedure. Many spas and salons offer laser hair removal Boca Raton, but securing the services of a highly trained doctor is the safest route. Otherwise you risk scarring and other types of debilitating injuries.

Selecting the Right Laser

Many lasers are available for use in hair removal but not all are approved by the FDA. What’s more, practitioners should understand various skin types and hair growth patterns. That way, they can select the right machine for each client. Some lasers are more appropriate for light skin and light hair while others work better on dark hair and dark skin. Using the wrong laser for a skin type can lead to hyperpigmentation and burning.

Other factors in laser hair removal

It’s not just the laser that’s important to consider before the treatment is performed. Factors like stress, hair length, diabetes, keloid scarring and even a woman’s menstrual cycle can affect the success of the treatment. Additionally, a non-physician laser operator may not recognize cancerous growths on a person’s body. Using the laser on an early stage lesion could mask it until it becomes much more advanced. Since so many seemingly unrelated factors can play into laser hair removal, it’s vital to ensure the practitioner is trained and certified in aesthetic lasers.

Things to ask about laser hair removal Boca Raton

When going in for laser hair removal, be sure to ask if the facility is owned and operated by a physician. Ask the physician to review your medical history with you before the procedure and ask what procedures are in place in case something goes wrong. Ask if your skin type is right for laser hair removal or if you’re at increased risk for scarring. Be sure to ask if the physician will actually be performing the treatment or if an esthetician or other provider will conduct the treatment. If so, ask about training and qualifications before proceeding with the treatment. If you’d like to speak with a board-certified physician about laser hair removal, please schedule a consultation with the Kimmel Institute. Dr. Kimmel is highly trained in the use of medical lasers and can recommend the right hair removal treatment for you. Call 561-948-5560 or request an appointment online.