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Sclerotherapy: Safe, Effective Treatment for Spider Veins

March 4, 2016 • the kimmel institute • spider veins

Spider veins are one of the most common vein-related problems reported by both men and women in the U.S., with between 80 and 85 percent of adults suffering from these tiny dark veins that can cause burning, stinging and itching in addition to their ugly appearance. But while most people are familiar with the symptoms these malfunctioning veins can cause, a surprising number of men and women who have spider veins don’t know how easily most veins can be treated, safely and effectively.

Sclerotherapy: The #1 Spider Vein Treatment

Today, the most common method of spider vein treatment is sclerotherapy, and it’s a technique with a very long history as a successful approach to getting rid of spider veins as well as their symptoms. Sclerotherapy uses special chemical solutions that are injected directly into the affected veins, causing the vein lining to become irritated and, eventually, to close off to the flow of blood. Once circulation is diverted to neighboring healthy veins, the old veins are absorbed by the body and carted off by the body’s natural waste system. The solution is injected through very fine needles, and once the veins are injected, you might have a little mild cramping or similar sensations as the solution goes to work. These sensations only last a minute or two, and the complete treatment can usually be finished in about 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the number of veins being treated. Afterward, you can go back to your regular routine. During the nest couple of weeks, you’ll probably need to wear compression socks or a similar garment to promote healing.

Sclerotherapy vs. Lasers: Which is better?

That’s a tough one, and really, it’s something to decide once you’ve had a consultation with a vein specialist at our office. Some patients can do very well with laser treatment, which is completely noninvasive, meaning it doesn’t use injections or incisions – the laser energy is applied right through your skin using a special device that’s kind of like the device used during an ultrasound exam. Other patients require sclerotherapy to get the best results, especially people with larger spider veins. At the Kimmel Institute, we offer both sclerotherapy and laser treatments for spider veins, so you and your doctor can decide which one is the better choice. And because our vein clinic offers both types of spider vein treatment, you don’t have to be concerned about getting only “one-sided” information. Each course of treatment is based on a complete evaluation of your veins, your overall health and your medical history to help you get the best results no matter what. If you have spider veins or you’d like to learn more about spider vein or varicose vein treatment, call us at 561-948-5560 and schedule a consultation appointment today.

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