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Solutions for Spider Veins

October 25, 2013 • the kimmel institute • Uncategorized


On Thursday, November 14th, The Kimmel Institute will be providing all cosmetic vein treatments at :

Cosmetic Vein/Sclero Event:
  •   November 14, 2013
  • * 20% Off All Day
If you suffer with spider veins, we may have a solution for you.  Appearing as small clusters of red, blue or purple veins, spider veins are commonly found on the calves, thighs and ankles.  Sclerotherapy is the gold standard in treating cosmetic spider veins, where using a tiny needle, a solution is injected into the spider veins, causing the vein walls to swell, stick to each other, and then seal shut.  The flow of blood is diverted, and the vein turns into scar tissue.  Sclerotherapy is also used to treat the “hidden”, or reticular “feeding veins” that are actually the cause of the spider veins. Laser treatment is sometimes used in conjunction with sclerotherapy, as the two treatments work very well together to clear up the small, visible “surface veins”, as well as the underlying reticular, or “feeding” vein that is actually the cause of the spider veins. Laser treatment can also be used to successfully treat small spider veins of the chest, face and other areas with highly successful 15 minute sessions.  Our experienced vein treatment staff will determine your best course of treatment at the time of your appointment. All spider vein treatment is non-invasive, and performed right in our Boca Raton vein treatment center with no downtime.  A period of wearing compression hosiery is required for optimal results. Space is limited for the November 14th Cosmetic Vein Day, so call now to reserve your spot:  561-477-0210. Dr. Richard Kimmel

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