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Venous Insufficiency

November 11, 2014 • • Uncategorized

Venous Insufficiency

Venous insufficiency affects 80 million people each year in North America, and accounts for one of the top ten complaints heard by physicians from their patients. While many people don’t even realize they have a problem, there is a highly effective and easy solution. For many people, symptoms such as restless legs, the feeling of heaviness or achiness, swelling of the legs and tired legs are accepted as “part of getting older”. NOT SO FAST! Often these symptoms are exactly what people with venous reflux experience. This is due to incompetent valve closure in the veins of the legs. As a result, there is a chronic backflow of blood that adds pressure to the normal veins and leads to these symptoms. The treatment is office-based, without incisions or stitches, takes about a half hour to perform and is almost always covered by most insurance plans. We close the vein with a laser from the inside. At The Kimmel Institute, we have performed THOUSANDS OF THESE VEIN ABLATION procedures with EXCELLENT results. Our professional staff always advocates for the patient’s best experience and outcomes. We offer free screenings on most days to accommodate your schedule, and also have weekly late hours and monthly weekend appointments available. We also offer special VEIN SCREENING EVENTS, like the one on September 4th. This Thursday evening event is directed to those patients who are not sure of why they are having symptoms or those who just want to learn what their options are, without obligation or cost. It gives us a chance to show patients how they can EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE at The Kimmel Institute. These events happen several times each year, and you can get more information by calling us to schedule your appointment. You don’t have to suffer any more from your venous disease. CALL US NOW at 561-477-0210 and let us HELP YOU. Richard D. Kimmel, DO, FCCP, FACOS

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