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What is Free Screening for Vein Disease?

May 4, 2016 • the kimmel institute • vein treatment

When patients call our office to ask about vein disease, we often offer them a FREE SCREENING option. Most patients are not familiar with this, and don’t really understand how this is to their benefit. They’ve seen it on our advertizing, yet remain skeptical. When we do a vein screening, one of our experienced staff members checks the areas that you are concerned about, and then performs a limited ultrasound to see if there is a problem under the skin with veins that we cannot see with our eyes. If this screening ultrasound finds a problem, then a full ultrasound study is needed. Many times patients can actually see a vein problem in their legs. They notice either large bulging varicose veins, that have a ropey appearance, or they see smaller veins that look like a spider’s web. For others, it is an intermediate sized blue-green network of veins just under the surface, that we term reticular veins. But what we can see may only be a part of the problem. Frequently the problem is in the larger veins of the saphenous system, and this requires an ultrasound machine to visualize. Ultrasound, often referred to as a sonogram, uses sound waves at a frequency above what can be heard by humans. These sound waves bounce off the internal body structures and create a picture of the inside of the body. They can also identify the direction of blood flow in a vessel, and we use this to examine the saphenous systems and other vein areas in the lower extremities. If we find abnormalities in the veins, and it corresponds to the patient’s symptoms, then it is likely that we will be able to help take care of your vein problems. When we offer a FREE SCREENING at the Kimmel Institute, one of our professional expert staff members listens to your concerns, performs a quick ultrasound of the main veins and determines if there is an underlying problem in the saphenous system that will need further evaluation. We then offer you the options of an appointment with Dr Kimmel, or if it is only cosmetic spider veins, you can schedule to have them treated with either our nurse practitioner, Alice Brockwell, ARNP, or Dr Kimmel. The screenings are totally free, we do not bill your insurance, and there is no obligation at all. And while the doctor does not examine you at the time of the screening, we can determine if there is a problem below the surface causing your concern about the veins in your legs. Usually, if the underlying problem is not addressed, treating the surface veins will just lead to poor results and unhappy patients. So, if you do have concerns about the veins in your legs, CALL TODAY FOR YOUR FREE VEIN SCREENING. We will be happy to schedule a visit with our expert professional staff. 561-477-0210.

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