Why do my spider veins hurt?

December 17, 2018 • plymouth • spider veins

Most of the time, having spider veins does not really mean anything is wrong with your circulation. That can be the cause of these veins, but it doesn’t have to be. Instead, there are other reasons why this problem can occur. No matter what causes the veins, though, having spider vein treatment can reduce or eliminate them so that you’re happier with the look and feel of your legs. When you go to get treatment for your veins, or to ask your doctor about solutions to them, be sure that you let your doctor know if a spider vein is causing pain or discomfort. Finding out why that’s happening can be an important part of treatment.

Where Do You Find Spider Veins?

You’ll most commonly see a spider vein, or a group of them, on the legs or the face. While they can occur in other areas, they generally don’t. Some people do develop them on their arms or their torso, but most people will either not develop them at all, or will get them in areas where they show up most frequently. Overall, it’s important to check your skin occasionally for spider vein issues, because seeing them develop or spread could be a cause for concern. That’s especially true if they show up rapidly or in large numbers, or if they start to get bigger or cause pain or discomfort in or around their location.

What Causes the Pain of Spider Veins?

The most common reason for the pain that comes from these veins is that blood is not moving through them as well as it should be. That doesn’t mean that your circulation as a whole is a problem, though. These veins are very small, so the idea that they are harming your circulation is not necessarily the case. They can be a sign of circulatory problems, but they can also be a sign of something as simple as aging or standing for long periods of time. If blood is pooling or settling there, this can cause an aching sensation in and around the area, so that’s why checking out the pain in spider veins can be important for good health.

Talking to Your Doctor About Spider Vein Solutions

If you want to get your veins treated, either to stop the pain or to reduce swelling, the way the veins look or feel or for other reasons, you’ll need to talk to a vein doctor. They can give you suggestions and solutions that you might want to consider. Then you have the opportunity to focus on whether you want to treat your veins, and whether treatment is something that is really needed. In some cases treatment is important. In other cases, it’s not necessary for health but you may want to do it for cosmetic reasons. Either way, it’s good to understand and address your vein health for peace of mind.

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