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Spider Veins: Common Causes and Treatments

September 4, 2018 • jake • spider veins

Spider veins are similar to varicose veins, though they are smaller in size and are situated closer to the skin’s surface. They likely earned their name to do the fact that they look similar to spider webs, with short, jagged lines situated just underneath the skin’s surface. This type of vein condition can be found on your face or legs and can encompass a large or small area of skin. They can appear red, blue or purple.  

Common Causes of This Vein Condition

There are various reasons for this type of vein abnormality to occur. It is often caused when the vein valves are weakened. This can be the result of a leg injury, obesity or even by standing too long. An increased exposure to the sun can also make the problem worse. 

Spider Vein Treatment

Dr. Kimmel performs a procedure using a laser that treats this sometimes uncomfortable condition. This works by collapsing the fine veins. It is a simple treatment procedure that takes around 15 minutes and results in minimal discomfort. Most patients actually are able to return to their normal schedule of activities on the same day of the laser procedure.

Other Treatment Options Offered At The Kimmel Institute

Another treatment option we provide at our Boca Raton, FL, office is Sclerotherapy. In fact, this is the most commonly utilized treatment for both spider and varicose veins and has been a trusted treatment for the condition since the 1930’s according to WebMD. Sclerotherapy works by injecting a liquid solution, made of the concentrated saline solution, directly into the affected veins. This, in turn, causes the vein walls to swell, then stick together and seal shut, which stops blood from moving through the veins causing them to scar. Eventually, within a few weeks, anywhere from three to six, the vein should fade away. In some cases, the same vein requires more than one treatment to clear up.

Why Bother Treating This Issue?

As stated above, this type of vein condition can be uncomfortable, causing burning, itching, throbbing and even cramping. People who suffer with them often find themselves wearing supportive hose or elevating their legs in an effort to reduce their discomfort. However, beyond the uncomfortable symptoms they can cause, many people also find the condition to be an unattractive and an unwelcome addition to their body. Perhaps, you can relate. Thankfully, at the Kimmel Institute, Dr. Kimmel understands this and proudly offers you a solution to this condition. There is no need to suffer from this uncomfortable issue any longer. Though there are surgical solutions available to treat this vein condition, Dr. Kimmel is committed to providing patients a nonsurgical solution to this problem.  At The Kimmel Institute, we have diagnostic equipment that allows us to determine the extent of the damage caused by this issue. After this, we can determine what treatment course would work best for your condition. Call us today to learn more. 

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