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Are Spider Veins Common in Pregnancy?

October 23, 2017 • • Vein DiseaseVein Specialistvein treatment

Spider veins are common, especially among women. However, certain risk factors make the development of spider veins much more likely. One of these risk factors is pregnancy. Fortunately, if you develop this condition while pregnant, effective spider vein treatment is available. 

What causes spider veins in pregnancy?

Spider veins are small reddish or bluish veins that may appear on your legs, face or other locations while you are pregnant. During pregnancy, spider veins on the breast are also common. 

Pregnancy increases your risk of developing spider veins for several reasons. First, the hormones your body produces during pregnancy makes the development of these veins more likely. Second, your blood volume increases during the pregnancy, which puts more pressure on your veins. This can lead to the development of spider veins, as well as varicose veins. 

Do I need to see a doctor?

For some women, spider veins will disappear on their own within the first three to four months after the pregnancy ends. However, other women will need treatment to eliminate the spider veins they developed during pregnancy. The vein care specialists at the Kimmel Institute offer general spider vein treatment, as well as breast vein treatment. 

If you have spider veins that developed during pregnancy, please contact the Kimmel Institute today to learn more about your treatment options or to schedule an appointment. 

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