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July 11, 2020 • karnold • Vein DoctorVein Specialist
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Treating vascular issues, such as varicose veins, is a complex process. Patients need a doctor that creates customized treatment plans that successfully treat not only the current problem, but any underlying problems that may be causing the vascular issues. Just because a doctor can treat vascular issues such as varicose veins, doesn’t mean that they should. It is important to find a doctor that specializes in the treatment of vascular veins and other vascular issue

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What can be done for spider veins?

June 20, 2018 • jake • Vein Specialist

Spider veins are very common, affecting millions of people all across the United States. If you have spider veins, you may feel embarrassed of your appearance, and you may also experience uncomfortable symptoms. Fortunately, effective spider vein treatment is available.  What Are Spider Veins? Spider veins are abnormal veins that can appear on the legs, hands, chest and other locations on the body. Spider veins usually develop as a result of malfunctions of the valves in your veins. They are typically blue, red or purple in color, and they often develop in web-like formations.  Many patients with spider veins don’t experience any additional symptoms.

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Are Spider Veins Common in Pregnancy?

October 23, 2017 • jake • Vein DiseaseVein Specialistvein treatment

Spider veins are common, especially among women. However, certain risk factors make the development of spider veins much more likely. One of these risk factors is pregnancy. Fortunately, if you develop this condition while pregnant, effective spider vein treatment is available.  What causes spider veins in pregnancy? Spider veins are small reddish or bluish veins that may appear on your legs, face or other locations while you are pregnant. During pregnancy, spider veins on the breast are also common.  Pregnancy increases your risk of developing spider veins for several reasons. First, the hormones your body produces during pregnancy makes the development of these veins more likely.

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