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What Triggers Restless Leg Syndrome | Treating DVT

May 11, 2020 • • Vein DiseaseVein Doctor

When you are diagnosed with restless leg syndrome, you may want to evaluate the potential triggers that cause your symptoms. By clarifying the ways that you can stop the compulsive movements, you will improve your sleep quality and address challenges associated with the syndrome.

How to Stop Restless Leg Syndrome

The process to stop restless leg syndrome depends on your symptoms, the factors that trigger your symptoms, and the severity of the situation. In mild cases of the syndrome, you may overlook the disease and assume it relates to a different problem. For example, you may assume that your symptoms are caused by varicose veins. By clarifying the cause of your symptoms, it is possible to find an effective treatment process. You may need to take vitamins or make adjustments to your lifestyle to treat the syndrome. You may also need to identify potential triggers for your symptoms and avoid foods or beverages that may make the symptoms worse.

Best Treatment for Restless Leg Syndrome

The best restless leg syndrome treatments depend on the underlying factors that trigger your symptoms and the underlying causes of the symptoms. Common triggers associated with the condition include:
  • Allergies 
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeinated foods and beverages
  • Depression
  • Nausea
  • Other mental health conditions
While common triggers may impact the symptoms, you should be aware that other foods and beverages may also contribute to your symptoms. After you clarify the potential causes of the symptoms, you can then clarify the best restless leg syndrome treatments to address the situation. Treatments that may help reduce or eliminate your symptoms include:
  • Allergy medications
  • Antidepressants when depression plays a role in the symptoms
  • Medications for nausea
The treatments we may recommend in our clinic depend on your symptoms and triggers. We may also look for potential causes that contribute to your symptoms and develop a personalized plan of action to address potential complications.

Vitamins that Help Restless Leg Syndrome

Although medications may assist with certain triggers that contribute to the symptoms, you should be aware that certain vitamin deficiencies in the body and brain may cause the symptoms. By evaluating your situation and clarifying if you have a deficiency, you may be able to treat the underlying symptoms with certain vitamins. In many cases, low levels of iron in the brain contribute to the development of restless leg syndrome. It is not always easy to determine if you have low levels of iron in the brain if your levels in the blood seem normal, so we may also look into your dopamine levels. Low levels of dopamine may suggest that you need more iron or that certain mental health conditions like depression contribute to your symptoms. Vitamin C may also be a good option if you have low levels of iron. Since vitamin C helps your body absorb and use iron, a deficiency may contribute to low levels of iron in your blood and brain. In some cases, we may recommend folate or vitamin B12. When you are deficient in either vitamin, it may contribute to your symptoms. By taking vitamin supplements, you can address the underlying problems.  When you are concerned about the possibility of restless leg syndrome or you have varicose veins that may mask your symptoms, contact us to speak to our vein physicians in South Florida. We are available to assist with your concerns when you make an appointment.  

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