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Vein Treatment Results: Legs that look and feel better

September 5, 2013 • the kimmel institute • Uncategorized

Many people wonder if they should receive treatment for their varicose veins, or just live with them.  For most, the primary motivation is to improve the way their legs look and feel.  Varicose veins cause symptoms of discomfort in the legs, which can range from mild to severe.  Most people complain of any combination of heaviness, aching, tiredness, throbbing, burning, itching, cramping, restlessness and/or swelling.  Some patients will note bulging varicose veins while others may not. Once the presence of vein disease has been established through conducting a venous ultrasound, treatment can begin.  All treatment is performed in the office with an almost immediate return to normal activity.  During the course of the treatments, the varicose veins are eliminated and bulging varicose veins are often removed through tiny incisions (micro-phlebectomies).  The result is elimination of the symptoms described above, as well as the elimination of the bulging varicose veins on the legs.  Your legs will both look and feel better. Other patients visit our Boca Raton vein center because of the presence of spider veins on their legs.  These veins are best treated by a combination of injection sclerotherapy, which is a series of injections of a medication into the veins that closes the veins and causes them to slowly fade away, as well as superficial or topical laser treatment in some cases.  After a series of 3-6 treatments (depending on how many spider veins one has to start with), most patients can expect a 90% or better improvement with their spider veins. Dr. Richard Kimmel

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