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You’ve Got the COVID Vaccine, Is it Safe to see a Vein Doctor?

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After a long wait, you’ve had your Covid vaccine, but is now the time to see a vein doctor about your varicose veins?

We rely on our veins to keep blood moving back to the heart where it can again pick up the oxygen and nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy and strong, but we’ve put off a lot of self-care, and in some cases, medical care on the backburner during the pandemic. Now that vaccines are available and so many have received them,, it’s time to consider if the time is right to schedule that vein consultation you’ve been putting off. Here’s what to know.

Difference Between Varicose Veins and Spider Veins

Varicose veins are swollen, large blood vessels that raise from under the skin. They may twist and turn, creating a gnarled appearance and impacting blood flow. Spider veins are small, usually purple or red vessels that also twist and are visible through the skin, but they tend not to be raised, so you may not feel them when touching the skin. Varicose and spider veins are common on the legs, but they may also occur on the breasts and other places.

Are Varicose Veins Covered by Insurance?

As a general rule, varicose vein procedures may be covered if the varicose vein(s) is causing another condition, such as leg pain, ulcers, heavy legs, or trouble returning blood to the heart. Otherwise, most insurance and Medicare will consider vein treatments to be cosmetic. A vein doctor here in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, or West Palm Beach will examine your condition to determine if the veins are causing other symptoms when you Meet Our Vein Physicians in Florida.

Are Spider Veins Covered by Insurance?

Spider veins are typically not covered. However, if the spider veins are causing one of the above conditions, vein treatments may be covered. You will know before beginning treatment if your procedure is covered because we will communicate your condition with your insurance company with your permission.

Even if your treatments are not covered, know that vein procedures are cost-effective and can be a great investment in your happiness and quality of life. View our Before and After images here.

Should You See a Vein Doctor Now That You’re Vaccinated?

Many put off elective procedures and treatments in 2020 as they adhered to CDC guidelines. Now that the COVID vaccine is available and so many people have received their vaccine+booster or one dose vaccine (depending on the manufacturer), you may choose to consult with a vein doctor about vein procedures. Although people are vaccinated, we understand that it takes time for each of us to develop full immunity, so we continue to take safety precautions and ask that our patients do the same out of an abundance of caution.

Courteous Precautions To Take During COVID When Scheduling an Appointment

When you arrive at your appointment, please wear your mask even if you’ve received your Covid vaccine, and we will too, out of an abundance of caution. We ask that you use the hand sanitizers we provide in the audience unless you’ve brought your own. During the pandemic, we have cleaned our centers frequently and thoroughly several times a day, and at this time, we’re continuing to do so.

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