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Understanding Your Vein Center Treatment Options

June 8, 2016 • jake • Vein Clinic

If you suffer from spider veins or varicose veins, you likely feel embarrassed and distressed about your condition. Fortunately, effective treatments for both of these conditions are available. Below is some information to help you understand the treatment options available from your local vein center.

What is a Vein Center?

A vein center is a treatment center that specializes in addressing problems with the veins. The doctors at a vein center have the training and expertise necessary to accurately diagnose your vein conditions, recommend the best treatment options and perform the procedures you request.

Vein Center Treatment Options

The treatment options available to you will depend on the specifics of your condition. At the Kimmel Institute, we offer the following treatment options:
  • Sclerotherapy – Sclerotherapy is the most common treatment for both varicose veins and spider veins. During this procedure, a special solution is injected into abnormal veins. This solution causes the veins to collapse and eventually fade from view.
  • Laser Ablation – Laser ablation is another treatment option available to patients with varicose veins. During this procedure, the surgeon uses ultrasound technology to pinpoint the location of the abnormal vein. He or she then threads a thin catheter into the vein and administers laser energy. This energy causes the vein to seal off, redirecting blood to healthier vessels.
  • Ultrasound Guided Chemical Ablation – This procedure is most commonly performed when veins are too deep to be treated using other methods. During chemical ablation, the surgeon uses ultrasound technology to visualize the vein and guide a needle into it. The needle delivers a specialized chemical designed to force the walls of the vein to stick to each other.
  • Ambulatory Microphlebectomy – Ambulatory microphlebectomy is a procedure that provides immediate results for patients with varicose veins. During this procedure, the surgeon makes small incisions in the skin and removes the veins from the body using small surgical hooks.

Seeking Treatment

If you are interested in any of the treatment options above, contact the Kimmel Institute to make an appointment.

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